Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good bye

Is the moment of say good bye

In really English is a very special for me, because is very important for the communication with other person in a travel (I learn this in this year, and give thanks for know English) , and in psychology  is important for study papers for other subjects, or for express your ideas whit other persons.

I love the blog, is very funny because is the possibility of express yourself in differents  topics. And is more easy, for me, works in alone… because in English I have more nervous, and work in alone is more easy.
I need improved my pronunciations and grammatical, because for me is easy think in ingles. In the university I have more vocabulary, and more aptitude for speak more. Maybe the solutions is practice more with other persons, or see more picture in English.
In the end of semester I need more ingles because I read more papers in English for other subjects, because other universities, other investigations are translate a English. And in Psychology is necessary have information of the actuality.
 English four was very especial for me, because the class was very funny and whit more love…in other class of English not have the air of pace, love and happiness. I remember this phrasal : “you can problem?, all have a problem”, this is very important, because you don’t are only student, you are a persons, you are a future psychologist.
Thanks for anything, see you.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hi everybody.
In really I don’t know so much about Tattoos, but I think what the motive for have a tattoo (decided for make a tattoo) is a very important moment in the life, for example many persons have a face or name of child, moms, or other persons because is important for them.
I don’t know more about the history of tattoos, but I know what in other culture the tattoos is the mark of courage or status, etc. In other culture is a mark of beauty.
But I don’t know in what moment the tattoos is a mark for everybody in America, because in this moment is very usual see persons whit tattoo, or persons what think in make a tattoo. I know persons what the think in tattoos as for hide a scar of operations.
In other moment I think in have a tattoo but I don’t decided because I think in the process of tattoos, in the pain of the moment.  But my idea was a very little tattoo, and relate at the freedom. [See the picture, it’s so cute]
The tattoos not are my options in this moment but is important for other persons, and is more respectable have a tattoo, but is important in what zone of the body have a tattoo, because is more frequently be discriminated because having a tattoo, because not are “serious persons”, I think what the tattoos not limited the ability’s or the professionalism, but in Chilean culture [traditional culture] have tattoo nor are more good.

See you. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Great 2013

Hi classmates !!

This blog is a very important in the end of year. I think in this every year because is important  make the balance of the good or bad.

In really this year be great for me, because I find the love and is all i need in this moment <3 , I work in projects of investigation in group of psychology  (is very important for me because I have more knowledge of psychology, and I share with other schoolmates... beautiful persons), and I travel go to Congress of psychology, and I organize "2da Feria de ONG's y Servicios públicos UCH" in Beauche.
In more special for me the investigation because I have 4 investigation, and is the opportunities for learn more. Those be my achievements... the investigations.

¿And bad? i don't remember... maybe i don't have more time for my other friends (high school friends. They study other career, in other university's), or not have more time for make sport.

But the year not ending now, and I need finish the semester well: approved the class, and finish investigations; and have time for me and my family between the finish of semester.

In very hard think in highlight one event, but I fell what this year is more happy for me. But separate the study life and personal life, I believe what the more important is mi relation of my boyfriend and the union of my family (cousins, uncles, etc).

Well, I  send you a hug. See you.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Recycling is very important because you can help the planet and help other person, for example when you recycling box (tetrapax) you help in the construction the house, other example is when you recycling bottle an this is use for house.

My family recycling the bottle, box, plastic... or not battery in the throw . and I learn recycling and in actuality separate the litter. But I don-t have organizer for this, because my house is small, only I separate in bags and after go to "green points". In other places the car of litter have different bags for you can recycling and is more easy for the people.Other action in my house is not  turn on the light switch when have sun light. 

I use the public bus for go to university but when i have a possibility to go walking... I go walking, is more relaxing, more ecologic, and more good for my health (is very important the moment when you can walk because is a soft exercise for you).

The problem is what the people thing what is a very difficult recycling and say "I don't have time for this",but the people don't know the true, IS VERY EASY RECYCLING. But the public politic not good for encourage the recycling, I thing what this is a point for progress in the "green consciousness", teach at the people what easy is recycling and what is the importance of this. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Motivation

Well.... in really my motivation to study psychology is a beautiful story:

In really always i think in psychology when interesting topic for study but in my my childhood my dream was study teacher of the firs cycle... but in my adolescents I think study other career for example i think physiotherapy or architecture...  but in my last year of school i go to Paredones (VI Region) for help to people of this locality (post earthquake ).
This is a beautiful memory because  i think what whit little thing is possible be happy. Girls and boys playing whit all voluntary and smile all day, was more happy whit a book, pencils, or other thing. And the adult person only needed someone for listen to related from this night to earthquake. when s
talking whit she or her you con felt the panic of see you house in the floor; more we excited and other cry.
And in this opportunity i fell the importance of listen to other, the importance of you related, and I felt what psychology was my sincere vocation.

For this you can imagine hat my expectations when enter to study was help to people, and in really y fell good because I find other area of psychology where i can help the people and listen you daily related... work psychology.

Talking from "academy" ( Theoretical psychology) I study psychoanalysis, but I believe more interesting understand the therapy as space for "elaborar" conflict to  "inconsciente".

And I find other applications of psychology, for example:  the psychology in  the sport ; in the athletic, coach, etc, and when psychology increase  your  efficiency.

Well this is my story, good bye :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Missing schoolgirl Ella Hysom found safe and well [summary]

Source:, Thursday 14 November 2013 14.39 GMT

The name or the girl is Ella Hysom , have 15 year old and disappeared in east London.
The girl suffering depression (since the start of the year), and before your vanishing she have receiving treatment in the resident hospital ( in llford, east of  London). This treatment is six weeks before the vanishing. The event happen the 1.15 of the Monday. 

Before of the event yours parent made appeal  for her return. The mother of Ella, 
Alison Hysom (43 year old), made a emotive appealed from Ella recall the love of the family and friends for she.
In the process of the search the police using social networking sites (the father, Tim, of Ella appeal for using this), add the appeal of the mother of Ella.

The description of Ella is a gregarious teenager, related of deports (keen rower) , dance, and other activities  in Gilberd secondary school in Colchester. 

Ella bee found  on Thursday in the center of llford, in the town center, for the police.

In statement Tim emphasize the support received, and the emotion for this support what be feel.

Here you have the Link of the article for you cant read. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Mmmmm holidays... I think what in really is very important  because in university live, is the time for think in other topics and is the opportunities for see other friend or make other activities.

In really I don't have a favorite activities, but sleep and see my friends, my boyfriends, and laugh in a good conversation is the most beautiful. The place no is specific... I love travel ( Viña del Mar, Valparaiso,  and my new love Punta Arenas) but  for me is more important the persons whit me in the moment; obviously in moments i need think alone and in this opportunities the  place es very important.
I like live relaxing and beautiful moments whit mi family (because in the work week I don't see more) and my boyfriend... and previous coordination whit my friends of the high school.

I don't know where I will the next holiday because I don't have money ( the next week I travel to Punta arenas and before this magic travel i don't have money) but in this case is good think in the surprise of the life... maybe go to my boyfriend to route of trekking in Santiago.
    In Punta Arenas I learning connect whit my feelings and thinking...and this beautiful moments is for have free time... in really is very important the holidays.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I don't have a pet.

Well I don't know what write because I don't have a pet :'(  But in really i like the animals but a doesn't mother not, and in my house my mother and my brother allergy to at different animals.

In my childhood I  attempt have a any animals but not end a winner in the war with my mother :(
But i think have a little dog when i job!! (yujuuuu!!), I love the yorkshire terrier (look the picture! is cute <3 ), when I talk about this with my mother she said yes with the condition: "you take care, and be you responsibility (emotional, feed, etc)". 

Having a pet is so cute and funny ( I imagine) but it is a big responsibility because it is a life in your hand... I think "in really the person know the responsibility what have?, I think about the pet when a friend or only animals for your entertainment ?", obviously any people in really love at you pet (for example the "dog lovers"), but other people don not and leave at their pet in the street :( (and this generates public health problems , and it is very sad).   

Well the important poin is the love between pet and carer.

My ideal job

Think about my ideal job in really is easy because I think about this every day. I like the labor psychology and if think in my ideal job.
My best job is make the good environment for worker. What the persons not fell the job what the cargo… what find the person realization in the job (persons more happy!)

I think in the principal: best labor environment.  I think in this:  the best labor environment generate good job and happy person; for this is very necessary be empathy person and obviously (in psychology) know listen to other person.
The more difficulty of my ideal of the Best job <3 is find the company what see the workers what human and not only numbers, what want make a happy workers . But I think in the future… I think in the company’s committed whit a person, whit the psychology, and not think only in the competition for money.

Good luck J

Thursday, October 17, 2013

In really is very difficult said A country ...because I like visit all the world.

I would like visit Spain, because is a very interesting country, most beautiful  culture, the music is more romantic and passionate (obviously flamenco). Have the great literature and expression of art in all the city's (i think that the city's, the  building, the house, are expression of the art... can you see the picture)  

In really i don't know more about Spain, but i love look the picture of different places, for example picture of the Sagrada familia in Barcelona (my brother is a architect and he look presentation of the finish of this construction, very amazing project). I like the romantic history's in this scenarios.

I like live in Spain  and is a possible in the future! , but the one step is go to study in Barcelona for the post grado (is a real possibility , yujuuu! ). And is a very interesting what my boyfriends go to study (in 2 years) in  French and i think go to Spain  or whit her a French, and is a really possible live together in Europe.