Thursday, October 24, 2013

My ideal job

Think about my ideal job in really is easy because I think about this every day. I like the labor psychology and if think in my ideal job.
My best job is make the good environment for worker. What the persons not fell the job what the cargo… what find the person realization in the job (persons more happy!)

I think in the principal: best labor environment.  I think in this:  the best labor environment generate good job and happy person; for this is very necessary be empathy person and obviously (in psychology) know listen to other person.
The more difficulty of my ideal of the Best job <3 is find the company what see the workers what human and not only numbers, what want make a happy workers . But I think in the future… I think in the company’s committed whit a person, whit the psychology, and not think only in the competition for money.

Good luck J

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