Thursday, October 17, 2013

In really is very difficult said A country ...because I like visit all the world.

I would like visit Spain, because is a very interesting country, most beautiful  culture, the music is more romantic and passionate (obviously flamenco). Have the great literature and expression of art in all the city's (i think that the city's, the  building, the house, are expression of the art... can you see the picture)  

In really i don't know more about Spain, but i love look the picture of different places, for example picture of the Sagrada familia in Barcelona (my brother is a architect and he look presentation of the finish of this construction, very amazing project). I like the romantic history's in this scenarios.

I like live in Spain  and is a possible in the future! , but the one step is go to study in Barcelona for the post grado (is a real possibility , yujuuu! ). And is a very interesting what my boyfriends go to study (in 2 years) in  French and i think go to Spain  or whit her a French, and is a really possible live together in Europe. 

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