Thursday, October 24, 2013

I don't have a pet.

Well I don't know what write because I don't have a pet :'(  But in really i like the animals but a doesn't mother not, and in my house my mother and my brother allergy to at different animals.

In my childhood I  attempt have a any animals but not end a winner in the war with my mother :(
But i think have a little dog when i job!! (yujuuuu!!), I love the yorkshire terrier (look the picture! is cute <3 ), when I talk about this with my mother she said yes with the condition: "you take care, and be you responsibility (emotional, feed, etc)". 

Having a pet is so cute and funny ( I imagine) but it is a big responsibility because it is a life in your hand... I think "in really the person know the responsibility what have?, I think about the pet when a friend or only animals for your entertainment ?", obviously any people in really love at you pet (for example the "dog lovers"), but other people don not and leave at their pet in the street :( (and this generates public health problems , and it is very sad).   

Well the important poin is the love between pet and carer.

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  1. I love yorkshir terrier dog! I wanted to have someone but now I don't have the possibility because I have a bull terrier dog and it's dangerous. Maybe I will enjoy your pictures when you will have one.