Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good bye

Is the moment of say good bye

In really English is a very special for me, because is very important for the communication with other person in a travel (I learn this in this year, and give thanks for know English) , and in psychology  is important for study papers for other subjects, or for express your ideas whit other persons.

I love the blog, is very funny because is the possibility of express yourself in differents  topics. And is more easy, for me, works in alone… because in English I have more nervous, and work in alone is more easy.
I need improved my pronunciations and grammatical, because for me is easy think in ingles. In the university I have more vocabulary, and more aptitude for speak more. Maybe the solutions is practice more with other persons, or see more picture in English.
In the end of semester I need more ingles because I read more papers in English for other subjects, because other universities, other investigations are translate a English. And in Psychology is necessary have information of the actuality.
 English four was very especial for me, because the class was very funny and whit more love…in other class of English not have the air of pace, love and happiness. I remember this phrasal : “you can problem?, all have a problem”, this is very important, because you don’t are only student, you are a persons, you are a future psychologist.
Thanks for anything, see you.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hi everybody.
In really I don’t know so much about Tattoos, but I think what the motive for have a tattoo (decided for make a tattoo) is a very important moment in the life, for example many persons have a face or name of child, moms, or other persons because is important for them.
I don’t know more about the history of tattoos, but I know what in other culture the tattoos is the mark of courage or status, etc. In other culture is a mark of beauty.
But I don’t know in what moment the tattoos is a mark for everybody in America, because in this moment is very usual see persons whit tattoo, or persons what think in make a tattoo. I know persons what the think in tattoos as for hide a scar of operations.
In other moment I think in have a tattoo but I don’t decided because I think in the process of tattoos, in the pain of the moment.  But my idea was a very little tattoo, and relate at the freedom. [See the picture, it’s so cute]
The tattoos not are my options in this moment but is important for other persons, and is more respectable have a tattoo, but is important in what zone of the body have a tattoo, because is more frequently be discriminated because having a tattoo, because not are “serious persons”, I think what the tattoos not limited the ability’s or the professionalism, but in Chilean culture [traditional culture] have tattoo nor are more good.

See you. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Great 2013

Hi classmates !!

This blog is a very important in the end of year. I think in this every year because is important  make the balance of the good or bad.

In really this year be great for me, because I find the love and is all i need in this moment <3 , I work in projects of investigation in group of psychology  (is very important for me because I have more knowledge of psychology, and I share with other schoolmates... beautiful persons), and I travel go to Congress of psychology, and I organize "2da Feria de ONG's y Servicios p├║blicos UCH" in Beauche.
In more special for me the investigation because I have 4 investigation, and is the opportunities for learn more. Those be my achievements... the investigations.

¿And bad? i don't remember... maybe i don't have more time for my other friends (high school friends. They study other career, in other university's), or not have more time for make sport.

But the year not ending now, and I need finish the semester well: approved the class, and finish investigations; and have time for me and my family between the finish of semester.

In very hard think in highlight one event, but I fell what this year is more happy for me. But separate the study life and personal life, I believe what the more important is mi relation of my boyfriend and the union of my family (cousins, uncles, etc).

Well, I  send you a hug. See you.