Thursday, December 5, 2013

Great 2013

Hi classmates !!

This blog is a very important in the end of year. I think in this every year because is important  make the balance of the good or bad.

In really this year be great for me, because I find the love and is all i need in this moment <3 , I work in projects of investigation in group of psychology  (is very important for me because I have more knowledge of psychology, and I share with other schoolmates... beautiful persons), and I travel go to Congress of psychology, and I organize "2da Feria de ONG's y Servicios p├║blicos UCH" in Beauche.
In more special for me the investigation because I have 4 investigation, and is the opportunities for learn more. Those be my achievements... the investigations.

¿And bad? i don't remember... maybe i don't have more time for my other friends (high school friends. They study other career, in other university's), or not have more time for make sport.

But the year not ending now, and I need finish the semester well: approved the class, and finish investigations; and have time for me and my family between the finish of semester.

In very hard think in highlight one event, but I fell what this year is more happy for me. But separate the study life and personal life, I believe what the more important is mi relation of my boyfriend and the union of my family (cousins, uncles, etc).

Well, I  send you a hug. See you.

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