Thursday, November 28, 2013


Recycling is very important because you can help the planet and help other person, for example when you recycling box (tetrapax) you help in the construction the house, other example is when you recycling bottle an this is use for house.

My family recycling the bottle, box, plastic... or not battery in the throw . and I learn recycling and in actuality separate the litter. But I don-t have organizer for this, because my house is small, only I separate in bags and after go to "green points". In other places the car of litter have different bags for you can recycling and is more easy for the people.Other action in my house is not  turn on the light switch when have sun light. 

I use the public bus for go to university but when i have a possibility to go walking... I go walking, is more relaxing, more ecologic, and more good for my health (is very important the moment when you can walk because is a soft exercise for you).

The problem is what the people thing what is a very difficult recycling and say "I don't have time for this",but the people don't know the true, IS VERY EASY RECYCLING. But the public politic not good for encourage the recycling, I thing what this is a point for progress in the "green consciousness", teach at the people what easy is recycling and what is the importance of this.