Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Motivation

Well.... in really my motivation to study psychology is a beautiful story:

In really always i think in psychology when interesting topic for study but in my my childhood my dream was study teacher of the firs cycle... but in my adolescents I think study other career for example i think physiotherapy or architecture...  but in my last year of school i go to Paredones (VI Region) for help to people of this locality (post earthquake ).
This is a beautiful memory because  i think what whit little thing is possible be happy. Girls and boys playing whit all voluntary and smile all day, was more happy whit a book, pencils, or other thing. And the adult person only needed someone for listen to related from this night to earthquake. when s
talking whit she or her you con felt the panic of see you house in the floor; more we excited and other cry.
And in this opportunity i fell the importance of listen to other, the importance of you related, and I felt what psychology was my sincere vocation.

For this you can imagine hat my expectations when enter to study was help to people, and in really y fell good because I find other area of psychology where i can help the people and listen you daily related... work psychology.

Talking from "academy" ( Theoretical psychology) I study psychoanalysis, but I believe more interesting understand the therapy as space for "elaborar" conflict to  "inconsciente".

And I find other applications of psychology, for example:  the psychology in  the sport ; in the athletic, coach, etc, and when psychology increase  your  efficiency.

Well this is my story, good bye :)

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