Thursday, November 14, 2013

Missing schoolgirl Ella Hysom found safe and well [summary]

Source:, Thursday 14 November 2013 14.39 GMT

The name or the girl is Ella Hysom , have 15 year old and disappeared in east London.
The girl suffering depression (since the start of the year), and before your vanishing she have receiving treatment in the resident hospital ( in llford, east of  London). This treatment is six weeks before the vanishing. The event happen the 1.15 of the Monday. 

Before of the event yours parent made appeal  for her return. The mother of Ella, 
Alison Hysom (43 year old), made a emotive appealed from Ella recall the love of the family and friends for she.
In the process of the search the police using social networking sites (the father, Tim, of Ella appeal for using this), add the appeal of the mother of Ella.

The description of Ella is a gregarious teenager, related of deports (keen rower) , dance, and other activities  in Gilberd secondary school in Colchester. 

Ella bee found  on Thursday in the center of llford, in the town center, for the police.

In statement Tim emphasize the support received, and the emotion for this support what be feel.

Here you have the Link of the article for you cant read. 


  1. I don't know Ella, but, Great! XD

  2. is amazing how depression is a disorder that affects the whole family