Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hi everybody.
In really I don’t know so much about Tattoos, but I think what the motive for have a tattoo (decided for make a tattoo) is a very important moment in the life, for example many persons have a face or name of child, moms, or other persons because is important for them.
I don’t know more about the history of tattoos, but I know what in other culture the tattoos is the mark of courage or status, etc. In other culture is a mark of beauty.
But I don’t know in what moment the tattoos is a mark for everybody in America, because in this moment is very usual see persons whit tattoo, or persons what think in make a tattoo. I know persons what the think in tattoos as for hide a scar of operations.
In other moment I think in have a tattoo but I don’t decided because I think in the process of tattoos, in the pain of the moment.  But my idea was a very little tattoo, and relate at the freedom. [See the picture, it’s so cute]
The tattoos not are my options in this moment but is important for other persons, and is more respectable have a tattoo, but is important in what zone of the body have a tattoo, because is more frequently be discriminated because having a tattoo, because not are “serious persons”, I think what the tattoos not limited the ability’s or the professionalism, but in Chilean culture [traditional culture] have tattoo nor are more good.

See you. 

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