Saturday, December 14, 2013

Good bye

Is the moment of say good bye

In really English is a very special for me, because is very important for the communication with other person in a travel (I learn this in this year, and give thanks for know English) , and in psychology  is important for study papers for other subjects, or for express your ideas whit other persons.

I love the blog, is very funny because is the possibility of express yourself in differents  topics. And is more easy, for me, works in alone… because in English I have more nervous, and work in alone is more easy.
I need improved my pronunciations and grammatical, because for me is easy think in ingles. In the university I have more vocabulary, and more aptitude for speak more. Maybe the solutions is practice more with other persons, or see more picture in English.
In the end of semester I need more ingles because I read more papers in English for other subjects, because other universities, other investigations are translate a English. And in Psychology is necessary have information of the actuality.
 English four was very especial for me, because the class was very funny and whit more love…in other class of English not have the air of pace, love and happiness. I remember this phrasal : “you can problem?, all have a problem”, this is very important, because you don’t are only student, you are a persons, you are a future psychologist.
Thanks for anything, see you.

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